When representatives of France-based game developer Ankama Studio started their session in "Popcon Hall" at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) in South Jakart...

Pop culture ranges from the glamor of Hollywood box office hits and aesthetically charged, action-packed Japanese role play games, to epic European sagas with w...

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Popular Culture Convention (Popcon) Asia 2013 kembali digelar di Jakarta Convention Center pada 5 sampai 7 Juli 2013. Aca...

KCB Convex menggelar kembali Pop Con Asia atau Popular Culture Convention Asia pada tanggal 5 – 7 Juli 2013 di Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia yang adalah...

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We like to express our profound thanks to our partners, PopCon Stars, Sponsors, our staff, the comic, toys, animation, movie and cosplay communities and all visitors.
We've received so many positive and raving reviews on PopCon Asia 2013 and we're so happy that so many enjoyed the convention. PopCon Asia 2013 could not have have been a success without all your active and enthusiastic participation.
With your continued support, we look forward to a Bigger, Better and Bolder PopCon Asia in 2014.
All above stuffs that we once knew as child's play now has become billion dollars industries worldwide run by young people mostly under 35 years old, and they all have the similarity, they're living their childhood dreams.
"PopCon" is a shorter word of "Popular Culture Convention", the biggest festive in Asia to celebrate creative contents such as Comic, Toys, Films and Animation from the creator to the growing market of teens and young-adults.
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